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Date Presenter Title
07-01-2019 No meeting  
14-01-2019 Aleksandra Badura (Neuroscience) 'Role of the cerebellum in Autism Spectrum Disorder – developmental and acute effects of cerebellar perturbation.'
21-01-2019 Walter van den Broek '3D learning And spatial ability in anatomical education.'
28-01-2019 Jan van Busschbach (MPP) 'Development and Validation of the Inpatient Disruptive Behavior Index (InDiBI) for testing the effectiveness of Medical Psychiatric Units (MPU): results and discussion.'
04-02-2019 Cathelijn Tjaden (ESPRi) 'Resourcegroups for enhancing empowerment and involving significant others: study into the effectiveness, meaning and first experiences.'
11-02-2019 No meeting  
18-02-2019 No meeting  
25-02-2019 No meeting  
04-03-2019 Bas Lendemeijer (GEZIN) 'Studying 15q11-13 duplication syndrome using induced pluripotent stem cells.'
11-03-2019 Ibrahim Onsesveren (ESPRi) 'Time to discontinuation with different antipsychotic formulations in schizophrenia: a claims data based study.'
18-03-2019 No meeting  
25-03-2019 No meeting  
01-04-2019 Geranne Jiskoot (MPP) 'Effects of a three-component lifestyle intervention on weight and emotional well-being in women with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS).'
08-04-2019 Luc Jansen (MPP) 'The organization of Medical Psychiatric Units in the Netherlands and US.'
15-04-2019 No meeting  
22-04-2019 No meeting  
29-04-2019 No meeting  
06-05-2019 Annemerle Beerthuizen en Myrthe Boekhorst (OPPER) 'Psychological factors in vulnerable women during the peripartum period and the early development of their offspring.'
13-05-2019 No meeting
20-05-2019 Denise Beck (MPP) 'Promoting medication adherence and self-management among kidney transplant recipients (mars-trial): development of an intervention protocol.'
27-05-2019 No meeting
03-06-2019 Pety So (ESPRi) 'Youth with autism in emergency psychiatry: characteristics and gender differences.'
10-06-2019 No meeting  
17-06-2019 Casimir Kouwenberg (MPP) 'Using the EQ-5D-5L to provide insight into the cost-effectiveneness of breast reconstruction after mastectomy.'
24-06-2019 No meeting  
July and August No meetings
02-09-2019 Babette Bais (Stop or Go study) 'Light therapy for depression during pregnancy.'
09-09-2019 Connie Meilof and Conny Vos-Boelhouwers (Thema Hersenen en Zintuigen) 'Roadshow INTRAnet.'
16-09-2019 Bernice van Aken (ESPRi) 'Executive Functioning: a new way to improve therapy adherence?'
23-09-2019 Martijn Visser (MPP) 'Shortening a questionnaire: a very short version of the Visual Function Questionnaire (VFQ-3oo7).'
30-09-2019 Roos Ruijne (ESPRi) 'The preliminary results of the BRAVE study on the detection rate of domestic violence and abuse in severely mental ill patients: a cluster randomized controlled trial.'
07-10-2019 Jesminne Castricum (ENCORE) 'Cortical plasticity and cognition in NF1 adults.'
14-10-2019 No meeting  
21-10-2019 No meeting  
28-10-2019 Youri Berends  
04-11-2019 Frans Mast 'Open Access.'
18-11-2019 Jurate Aleknaviciute (GEZIN)  
25-11-2019 Evelyn van Bussel (ESPRi)  
02-12-2019 Lisa Steenkamp (Kushner/KJP)  
09-12-2019 Yvonne de Jong (ESPRi)  
23-12-2019 No meeting  
30-12-2019 No meeting  
Date Presenter Title
01-01-2018 No meeting  
08-01-2018 Bernice van Aken (ESPRi) 'UP’S Determinants of Personal recovery in psychotic disorders; a cohort study.'
15-01-2018 Raluca Mihaescu (OPPER) 'GWAS of postpartum psychiatric episodes.'
22-01-2018 Rianne Zaal (Klinisch Geneesmiddel Onderzoek) 'Clinical pharmacist in psychiatry: better together.'
29-01-2018 No meeting  
05-02-2018 Myrthe Ottenhoff (ENCORE) 'The variability of cognitive features in Neurofibromatosis type 1.'
12-02-2018 Bas Lendemeijer (GEZIN) 'Candidate CSPG4 mutations and induced pluripotent stem cell modeling implicate oligodendrocyte progenitor cell dysfunction in familial schizophrenia.'
19-02-2018 No meeting  
26-02-2018 No meeting  
05-03-2018 Yvonne de Jong (ESPRi) 'Screening for psychosis, the first step.'
12-03-2018 No meeting  
19-03-2018 Sohal Ismail/Steef Redeker (MPP) 'Cost-effectiveness of Educational Interventions Targeting Living Kidney Donation: Kidney Team at Home study.'
26-03-2018 No meeting  
02-04-2018 No meeting  
09-04-2018 Guy Shpak (GEZIN) 'Using human iPSC-derived neurons for physiological investigation in psychiatric research: challenges and solutions.'
16-04-2018 Pomme Rigter 'In vivo evaluation of an mGluR2 mutation in Bipolar I Disorder.'
23-04-2018 No meeting  
30-04-2018 No meeting  
07-05-2018 No meeting  
14-05-2018 Elize Koopman - Verhoeff (GenR) 'Sleep in Development: The Generation R Study.'
21-05-2018 No meeting  
28-05-2018 Chedwa Pinto (MPP) 'De Medisch Psychiatrische Unit (MPU) van het Erasmus MC: een gerandomiseerde studie naar effectiviteit en kosten.'
04-06-2018 Ibrahim Onsesveren 'Implications of Penfluridol (oral long acting antipsychotic drug) for treatment adherence in patients with a psychotic disorder.'
11-06-2018 No meeting  
18-06-2018 Simon Lambrichts (OPPER) 'Peripartum episodes in bipolar I disorder and efficacy of lithium prophylaxis.'
25-06-2018 No meeting  
July and August No meetings  
03-09-2018 Mark de Jong (ESPRi) 'Dwangopnames bij EPA: preventie, kwalitatieve gegevens en beloop van gevaar.'
10-09-2018 Jan van Busschbach (MPP) 'Mentalization-Based Treatment compared to Specialist Treatment as Usual for Borderline Personality Disorder: an Economic Evaluation alongside a Randomised Controlled Trial with 36 Months Follow-Up.'
17-09-2018 Mark van der Kroeg (GEZIN) 'Using Induced Pluripotent Stem cell derived neural cultures to uncover cellular phenotypes of neurological/psychiatric disorders.'
24-09-2018 Fadilah Serdarevic (GenR) 'Infant Neuromotor Development and Neuropsychiatric Problems.'
01-10-2018 Jesminne Castricum (ENCORE) 'Cortical plasticity induced by intermittent Theta Burst Stimulation in NF1 patients and unaffected controls.'
08-10-2018 Jurate Aleknaviciute (GEZIN) 'GEZIN-study: Genetic approaches to understanding psychiatric disorders.'
15-10-2018 Bert-Jan Roosenschoon (ESPRi) 'Effects of an RCT on Illness Management and Recovery, a psychosocial intervention for people with serious and persistent mental illness.'
22-10-2018 No meeting  
29-10-2018 Reinier Timman/Joke Tulen (WI) 'The OQ-45 clinic - an attempt to violate scientific integrity.'
05-11-2018 No meeting  
12-11-2018 Geranne Jiskoot (MPP) 'Effects on body weight during a 1-year three component lifestyle RCT in women with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS).'
19-11-2018 Babette Bais (Stop or Go study) 'Proceedings of the Bright Up Study: light therapy for depression during pregnancy'.
26-11-2018 No meeting  
03-12-2018 Pety So (ESPRi) 'Children and Adolescents in Emergency Psychiatry.'
10-12-2018 Frank van den Boogert & Pascalle Spaan (the iBerry Study) 'The Neurobiological Development of Aggressive Behavior – Hormones & Sensory Processing.'
17-12-2018 Pauline Jansen (GenR) 'Problematic eating behavior across childhood: results from the population-based Generation R Study'.
24-12-2018 No meeting  
31-12-2019 No meeting  
Date Presenter Title
09-01-2017 Sanne Kloosterboer ′Clinical evaluation of a novel method to measure antipsychotic drug concentrations by fingerpricks.′
16-01-2017 Myrthe Ottenhoff (ENCORE) 'The effect of Lamotrigine on cognitive deficits in Neurofibromatosis type 1: The NF1-EXCEL study'.
23-01-2017 Alexander Neumann (GenR) 'Why do child behavioral and emotional problems co-occur?: The biology of a general psychopathology factor.'
30-01-2017 No meeting
06-02-2017 Yvonne de Jong (ESPRi) 'Screening for psychosis risk among adolescents in Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services: a description of the first step with the 16-item version of the Prodromal Questionnaire (PQ-16).'
13-02-2017 No meeting
20-02-2017 No meeting
27-02-2017 No meeting
06-03-2017 Mark van der Kroeg (GEZIN) 'Using Induced Pluripotent Stem cells to model human cortical development and its applications.'
13-03-2017 No meeting
20-03-2017 Ryan Muetzel (GenR) 'Pediatric population-based neuroimaging: Insights into typical brain development and psychiatric symptoms in children.'
27-03-2017 Jeffrey Stedehouder (GEZIN) 'Interneuron myelination as potential locus of convergence in schizophrenia pathophysiology.'
03-04-2017 Laura van Melle (ESPRi) 'High and Intensive Care in clinical psychiatry: a model to prevent coercion'.
10-04-2017 Koen Bolhuis (GenR) 'Disruptive behavior and psychotic experiences in the general childhood population.'
17-04-2017 No meeting
24-04-2017 No meeting
01-05-2017 Jesminne Castricum 'Cortical plasticity and cortical inhibition in major depressive disorder using transcranial magnetic stimulation.'
08-05-2017 Ernst Noordraven (ESPRi) 'Money for Medication: Financial incentives for improving adherence to maintenance treatment in patients with psychotic disorders.'
15-05-2017 Fredrick Purba (MPP) 'Test–Retest Reliability of EQ-5D-5L Valuation Techniques: Composite Time Trade-Off and Discrete Choice Experiments.'
22-05-2017 Eva van Eijk (MPP) 'Computer-assisted Self-triage for the Ophthalmic Emergency Department.'
29-05-2017 Zhihao Yang (MPP) 'How do university students value EQ-5D-5L health states?'
05-06-2017 No meeting
12-06-2017 No meeting
19-06-2017 No meeting
26-06-2017 Aurelie van Helden - Lange 'From implementation to alliance: The role of therapist adherence within multisystemic therapy.'
July and August No meetings
04-09-2017 Roos Ruijne 'Domestic violence in psychiatric patients: a brief update and the first preliminary results from the BRAVE survey.'
11-09-2017 Eline Poels (the iBerry Study) 'Neurodevelopmental consequences of intrauterine exposure to lithium and antipsychotics.'
18-09-2017 Hester Pastoor (MPP) 'Sexual function in women with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome: a systematic review and meta-analysis.'
25-09-2017 No meeting
02-10-2017 Leonieke Kranenburg 'Gebruik van een mindfulness-app bij ervaren stress onder Kassa-kijkers.'
09-10-2017 No meeting
16-10-2017 No meeting
23-10-2017 Lokke Gennissen 'Residency selection: playing the interview game.'
30-10-2017 Hanneke den Breeijen 'Scientific integrity and monitoring'.
06-11-2017 Bert-Jan Roosenschoon 'Eerste resultaten van de RCT over Illness Management and Recovery (IMR), een psychosociale interventie voor Patiënten met Ernstige Psychiatrische Aandoeningen (EPA).'
13-11-2017 No meeting
20-11-2017 Kirsten Berk 'Weight Loss and Weight Loss Maintenance in Diabetes Type 2?'
27-11-2017 Babette Bais (Stop or Go studie) 'Proceedings of the Bright Up study: light therapy for depression during pregnancy.'
04-12-2017 Nina Molenaar (Stop or Go studie) 'Antidepressant use during pregnancy: update and first results of the Stop or Go study.'
11-12-2017 Janneke Gilden (OPPER studie) 'Onderzoeksprogramma Postpartum Psychiatrie ErasmusMC Rotterdam: Long-term follow up of first-onset postpartum psychiatric disorders.'
18-12-2017 Jurgen Baas 'Improving clinical prediction models using Machine Learning?'
25-12-2017 No meeting  
Date Presenter Title
04-01-2016 Denise Beck (MPP) 'The ZENN project: the development of a nurse-led intervention to promote self-management after kidney transplantation.'
11-01-2016 Iris Overwater (ENCORE) 'Epilepsy in Tuberous Sclerosis Complex: fundamental and clinical research.'
18-01-2016 Manon Hillegers (Kinder- en Jeugd Psychiater, UMCU) 'Clinical and neuro-imaging characteristics of child and adolescent bipolar and schizophrenia offspring.'
25-01-2016 Sabine Roza (the iBerry Study) 'the iBerry Study: update and preliminary results.'
01-02-2016 Ernst Noordraven (ESPRi) 'Money for Medication: a randomized controlled trial on the effectiveness of financial incentives to improve medication adherence in patients with psychotic disorders.'
08-02-2016 Adriaan van ’t Spijker (MPP) 'Reflective learning in residents'.
15-02-2016 Sonja Swanson (Epidemiology) 'The prevalence and public health impact of eating disorders: Some questions about our question.'
22-02-2016 No meeting
29-02-2016 No meeting
07-03-2016 Petra Caarls 'Scholing haalbaarheidsstudie Generieke module ziekenhuispsychiatrie.'
14-03-2016 No meeting
21-03-2016 Prof. Therese van Amelsvoort (Universiteit van Maastricht) 'Closing the gap.'
28-03-2016 No meeting
04-04-2016 Mark van Veen (ESPRi) 'Cost effectiveness of interpersonal community psychiatric treatment (ICPT) for people with long-term severe non-psychotic mental disorders.'
11-04-2016 Titia Hompes en Elise van Geel (Leuven) 'The influence of maternal stress on fetal development and DNA methylation.'
18-04-2016 Jeffrey Stedehouder (GEZIN) 'Interneuron myelination as potential locus of convergence in schizophrenia pathophysiology.'
25-04-2016 Fredrick Purba (MPP) 'Quality of Life in Poverty: Health Status of Families Living At The Ciliwung River In Jakarta, Indonesia.'
02-05-2016 No meeting
09-05-2016 Paula Jansen (adviseur Onderzoek, afdeling Onderzoek & Onderwijs) and Marcel Dekker (adviseur Financiën, afdeling Control & Compliance) 'Prestatiebekostiging Onderzoek en Onderwijs.'
16-05-2016 No meeting
23-05-2016 No meeting
30-05-2016 Femke de Vrij (GEZIN) 'Using induced pluripotent stem cells to model familial schizophrenia.'
06-06-2016 Jeanette Nieuwenhuis (ESPRi) 'The SCreener for Intelligence and Learning disability (SCIL).'
13-06-2016 1st speaker: Maarten van de Bossche 'In search of missing heritability: identifying genetic factors in schizophrenia and bipolar disorder.'
2nd speaker: Petra Caarls 'Haalbaarheidsonderzoek kwaliteitsmetingen ziekenhuispsychiatrie: uitkomsten en discussie.'
20-06-2016 Yme Canter Visscher (CleVR BV) and drs. Roos Pot-Kolder 'Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy in de behandeling van psychiatrische stoornissen.'
27-06-2016 Anne Weiland (Coördinator SOLK, Inwendige Geneeskunde, Erasmus MC) 'Effectieve communicatie en behandeling bij patiënten met Somatisch Onvoldoende verklaarde Lichamelijke Klachten (SOLK).'
04-07-2016 Zhihao Yang (MPP) 'Valuing EQ-5D health states in Chinese university students.'
11-07-2016 Natalie Rasgon (professor in the departments of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences and Obstetrics and Gynecology at Standford University’s School of Medicine) 'Bipolar disorder in Women.'
July and August No meetings
05-09-2016 Shashini Munshi (GEZIN) 'Using induced pluripotent stem cells to study human brain disorders.'
12-09-2016 Hester van Eeren (MPP) 'Multisystemic Therapy and Functional Family Therapy compared on their Effectiveness using the Propensity Score Method.'
19-09-2016 Silvia Mamede (Evidence-based medical education) 'Reflection on clinical reasoning and its implications to medical education.'
26-09-2016 No meeting
03-10-2016 Tim Korteland (OPPER) 'The application of coercion on a Dutch mother baby unit by patients suffering from a postpartum psychosis.'
10-10-2016 Guy Shpak (GEZIN) 'Maturation of iPSC-derived neurons and application in neuropsychiatric research – a physiological point of view.'
17-10-2016 No meeting
24-10-2016 Bas Lendemeijer (GEZIN) 'Rapid specification of human pluripotent stem cell derived neural progenitors to transplantable astrocytes.'
31-10-2016 Ron van Schaik and Roos van Westrhenen 'Implementatie van Farmacogenetica in de Psychiatrie.'
07-11-2016 Babette Bais (Bright up!) 'The ‘Bright up!’ study. Bright light therapy in pregnant women with major depressive disorder: study protocol for a randomized, double-blind, controlled clinical trial.'
14-11-2016 Martien Snellen (Monash University, Melbourne Australia) 'The Process of Obtaining Informed Consent for Psychopharmacological Treatment in Pregnancy.'
21-11-2016 No meeting
28-11-2016 No meeting
05-12-2016 No meeting
12-12-2016 Jurate Aleknaviciute (Psychoneuro endocrinology) 'Psychological and Neuroendocrine Determinants of Stress Regulation in Women.'
19-12-2016 Richard Wesseloo (NP3) 'Postpartum relapse risk in bipolar disorder after lithium or lamotrigine use during pregnancy: a population-based cohort study.'
26-12-2016 No meeting  
Date Presenter Title
05-01-2015 No meeting
12-01-2015 Myrthe Ottenhoff (ENCORE) 'Transcranial magnetic stimulation: its utility in finding a therapy for cognitive deficits in Neurofibromatosis type 1.'
19-01-2015 Christian Bouwkamp GEZIN study: 'Genetic Search in Familial Psychiatric Disorders, an update.'
26-01-2015 Priyanka Rao 'Characterization of (contextual) memory- encoding neuronal ensembles in the hippocampus.'
02-02-2015 Mark de Jong (Prof. Mulder) 'Can compulsory admissions be prevented? Yellow traffic lights on the road to compulsory admission.'
09-02-2015 No meeting
16-02-2015 Mascha Linszen (MD, PhD candidate) UMCU 'Complex auditory hallucinations in patients with hearing loss: prevalence and phenomenology.'
23-02-2015 No meeting
02-03-2015 Saira Mirza (Prof. Tiemeier) 'Trajectories of depressive symptoms in community-dwelling older adults and the risk of mortality.'
09-03-2015 Annelieke Pasma (MPP; prof. van Busschbach) 'Factors associated with non-adherence to DMARDs in early arthritis patients.'
16-03-2015 No meeting
23-03-2015 Sandra Heil and Robert de Jonge (department of Clinical Chemistry) 'Folate metabolism, DNA methylation and (the treatment of) depression.'
30-03-2015 Joke Tulen 'Scientific output 2014' 'Data archiving international papers.'
06-04-2015 No meeting
13-04-2015 Bert-Jan Roosenschoon (Prof. Mulder) 'An RCT on Illness Management and Recovery, A training for people with Serious Mental Illness
Design, progress report, results of a pilot, challenges.'
20-04-2015 No meeting
27-04-2015 No meeting
04-05-2015 No meeting
11-05-2015 Suzanne van de Vathorst 'Scientific integrity.'
18-05-2015 Olivera Jovanova (Prof. Tiemeier) 'Depression in the elderly.'
25-05-2015 No meeting
01-06-2015 Ernst Noordraven (Prof. Mulder) 'Medication Compliance for Patients with Psychotic Disorders 'The Importance of Illness Insight and Treatment Motivation.'
08-06-2015 Mijke van den Berg 'Light therapy for depression during pregnancy (evidence and study protocol).'
15-06-2015 No meeting
22-06-2015 Jurate Aleknaviciute '5-HTTLPR genotype and cortisol response to psychosocial stress.'
29-06-2015 Marie-Claire de Wit (MD PhD, (pediatric) neurologist: General introduction ENCORE, tuberous sclerosis complex (TSC))
Sabine Mous (PhD, psychologist: Follow-up of children with TSC) and
Agnies van Eeghen (MD PhD Neurobehavioral morbidity in TSC)
'ENCORE / an overview of Tuberous sclerosis complex (TSC) research.'
July and August No meetings
07-09-2015 Fredrick Purba (MPP; prof. Busschbach) 'IMPROVEMENT OF QUALITY OF LIFE IN POVERTY: Development Of Indonesian Instruments For Family Resilience And Health Status, And Its Application In Families Living at The Riverbanks of Ciliwung River In Jakarta.'
14-09-2015 Erik van Duijn 'Neuropsychiatry and cognition.'
21-09-2015 Laura Zwaan 'Research of Clinical reasoning.'
28-09-2015 Youri Berends (prof. Van Marle) 'Oxytocin and its effect on aggression in a forensic psychiatric population.'
05-10-2015 Willemijn Heijnen 'Efficacy of tranylcypromine in bipolar depression: A systematic review.'
12-10-2015 Richard Wesseloo 'Lithium dosing during pregnancy and the postpartum period.'
19-10-2015 No meeting
26-10-2015 No meeting
02-11-2015 Yvonne de Jong (Lucertis) 'Psychotic like experiences in adolescence.'
09-11-2015 Tom Birkenhager 'Designing a prospective cohort study on post_ECT relapse: work in progress.'
16-11-2015 Maarten van Schijndel, Luc Jansen and Petra Caarls (MPU studygroup) 'The MPU study group: Organization, quality of care, costs & effects of Medical Psychiatry Units.'
23-11-2015 Desana Kocevska 'Longitudinal studies of sleep in the general population.'
30-11-2015 Roos Ruijne (prof. Mulder) 'Domestic violence in psychiatric patients: the BRAVE study.'
07-12-2015 No meeting
14-12-2015 Veerle Bergink 'Studies on bipolar disorder in Danish register based data.'
21-12-2015 No meeting  
28-12-2015 No meeting  

No meeting

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