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Peripartum Mental Disorders

Peripartum Mental Disorders

Description research

The main focus of research of the Peripartum Mental Disorders group is the neurobiology and phenomenology of postpartum psychosis.

Also, mother-child interaction in postpartum psychosis (mania) and depression is studied in relation to the effectiveness of our treatment programs (daycare treatment and postpartum prophylactic program).

Our team


  • V. Bergink, MD PhD
  • M.P. Lambregtse – van den Berg, MD PhD
  • A.M. Kamperman, PhD
  • E.M. Knijff, MD PhD
  • K.M. Koorengevel, MD PhD
PhD students

  • E.M.P. Poels, MD
  • J. Gilden, MD

  • N.J. Westerbeek

Monday, February 13, 2023
at 12 h


'Electrophysiological properties of iPSC derived neurons in patients with neuropsychiatric disorders'

Presenter: Diana Rotaru


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