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Major Depressive Disorders

Major Depressive Disorders

Description research

The Major Depressive Disorders group has done and continues to do research on the efficacy of neurobiological interventions, like psychopharmacological and electroconvulsive therapy.

A recent project aims at optimalisation of ECT and prevention of relapse and recurrence after successful ECT in depressed patients.

Another study focuses on comparing venlafaxine with imipramine, with lithium addition as second treatment step in case of unsatisfactory response.

Our team


  • Prof. W.J.G. Hoogendijk, MD PhD
  • T.K. Birkenhager, MD PhD
  • Prof. W.W. van den Broek, MD PhD
  • W.T.C.J. Heijnen, MD PhD
PhD students

  • E.M. Pluijms, MD

  • N.J. Westerbeek

Monday, February 13, 2023
at 12 h


'Electrophysiological properties of iPSC derived neurons in patients with neuropsychiatric disorders'

Presenter: Diana Rotaru


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