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Quality of life

Quality of life


The department has a long tradition of measuring health-related quality of life, of which the EQ-5D is our current focus.

Prof. van Busschbach chairs the international EuroQol Group, which owns this questionnaire.

Over the past 5 years, the EuroQol EQ-5D has been used in an average of 1171 articles per year, and received 27,747 citations (Web of Science, 2018). The EuroQol EQ-5D has had major impact on both patients and society, and it has become the dominant quality of life assessment for health economic evaluation in health care. In addition to EQ-5D research, our department is involved in the development of disease-specific patient reported outcomes.

Monday, September 26, 2022
at 12 h

Wetenschapslunch Psychiatry meeting


SeminarsQuote Triadic psychiatric care after a crisis.

Presenter: Roselie van Asperen


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