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Difficult-to-engage patients

difficult-to-engage patients


This area involves studies related to treatment motivation and the prevention of coercion. Motivation is studied for treatment as it relates to treatment outcome and coercion.

The study of the epidemiology of coercive interventions is part of this focus. Effects of introduction of a new mental health law in 2020 in the Netherlands will be taken into account.

We also perform preventive studies, and we have started to use machine learning-based algorithms to predict and prevent coercive interventions, as well as other inventions to improve treatment motivation and shared-decision making for better therapy outcomes and the prevention of coercive measures.

Lunch meeting Psychiatry
by zoom
Monday, November 01, 2021
at 12 h

SeminarsQuote 'Caring for a crisis': Ethnographic research into community mental healthcare in Trieste (Italy) and Utrecht (The Netherlands).

Presenter: Christien Muusse (ESPRi)


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