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Zoom details for the Lunch meeting Psychiatry

Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic and until further notice these meetings unfortunately can only take place virtually.

Please note that Zoom doesn’t work within the Erasmus workplace environment. Zoom can be installed on smartphones, tablets, laptops and other pc’s, you can download it through the app store or website: www.zoom.us.

! We would like to ask all participants to put their microphone on mute while joining the meeting and their video on as it’s much more pleasant for presenters to see the participants faces.

If you have questions during the presentation, please let the speaker know by chat so he/she’ll be able to ask you to either unmute yourself or to ask the question by chat. Preferably, speakers would number their slides to make it easier in case of questions to refer to a certain slide.
We would like to start the meeting exactly on time at 12 h so we ask presenters to login approximately 10 minutes in advance to make sure their slide sharing settings are correct. Moreover, particularly given the digital platform, we would strongly ask everyone not to share any patient sensitive data during these meetings!

Please find below the Zoom details for the meeting:

Link: https://zoom.us/j/92967851240?pwd=bzFQQ3I1SUNYMVREbHI1cGNPYzNUQT09

Meeting ID: 929 6785 1240
Passcode: 273789

Kind regards,

Steven Kushner, also on behalf of Mariëlle Caspers, Eline Huisjes and Witte Hoogendijk
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Seminars July and August no meetings.

Next meeting Monday, September 5, 2022 at 12 h


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