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Dissertations 2018


Molenaar NM.Molenaar NM.

(Co)promotor(s): Hoogendijk WJG, Bockting CLH, Lambregtse-van den Berg MP, Kamperman AM.
PhD Thesis EUR, 21-11-2018.

Antidepressants in the Perinatal Period.






Dissertations 2018


Yang Z.Yang Z.

(Co)promotor(s): Busschbach van JJ, Stolk EA, Luo N.
PhD Thesis EUR, 26-09-2018.

Improving the Design of EQ-5D Value Set Studies for China and Beyond.






Purba FD.Purba FD.

(Co)promotor(s): Busschbach van JJ, Sadarjoen SS, Passchier J, Hunveld JAM, Iskandarsyah A.
PhD Thesis EUR, 26-09-2018.

Quality of Life Measurement and Its Application in Indonesia.






Noordraven EL.Noordraven EL.

(Co)promotor(s): Mulder CL, Wierdsma AI, Blanken P.
PhD Thesis EUR, 03-07-2018.

Money for Medication - Financial incentives for improving antipsychotic medication adherence in patients with psychotic disorders.








Ramos-Goñi JM.Ramos-Goñi JM.

(Co)promotor(s): Busschbach van JJ, Rivero-Arias O, Stolk EA.
PhD Thesis EUR, 08-06-2018.

Improving the Valuation of the EQ-5D-5L by Introducing Quality Control and Integrating TTO and DCE.







Vermeiden M.Vermeiden M.

(Co)promotor(s): Hoogendijk WJG, Birkenhäger TK.
PhD Thesis EUR, 08-06-2018.

Efficacy of Antidepressant Treatment for Inpatients with Severe Depression.







Wesseloo R.Wesseloo R.

(Co)promotor(s): Kushner SA, Bergink V.
PhD Thesis EUR, 21-03-2018.

Bipolar Spectrum Disorder During Pregnancy and the Postpartum Period.








(Co)promotor(s): Busschbach van JJ, Scholte RHJ.
PhD Thesis EUR, 31-01-2018.

From implementation to alliance: The role of therapist adherence within Multisystemic Therapy.