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Dissertations 2017

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BerkBerk KAC.

(Co)promotor(s): Sijbrands EJG, Busschbach van JJ, Mulder MT, Verhoeven AJM.
PhD Thesis EUR, 29-11-2017.

Weight Loss and Weight Loss Maintenance in Type 2 Diabetes.







KantersEeren van H.

(Co)promotor(s): Busschbach van JJ, Scholte RHJ, Rijken van der REA.
PhD Thesis EUR, 15-11-2017.

Evaluating the Effectiveness and Cost-Effectiveness of Youth Care using Routinely Collected Clinical Practice Data.







RavesteynRavesteyn van LM.

(Co)promotor(s): Hoogendijk WJG, Tiemeier H, Steegers EAP, Lambregtse – Berg van den MP.
PhD Thesis EUR, 18-10-2017.

Treatment and impact of mental disorders during pregnancy.







KantersKanters T.

(Co)promotor(s): Marle van HJC, Muris PEHM, Hornsveld RHJ.
PhD Thesis EUR, 06-10-2017.

Assessment and Treadment of Sexual Offenders Detained by TBS-Hospital Order.







StaphorstStaphorst MS.

(Co)promotor(s): Busschbach van JJ, Goudoever van JB, Passchier J.
PhD Thesis EUR, 21-06-2017.

Hearing the voices of the children: the views of children participating in clinical research.







Eijk van E.

(Co)promotor(s): Busschbach van JJ, Timman R.
PhD Thesis EUR, 07-06-2017.

Computer-assisted Self-triage for the Ophthalmic Emergency Department.







Kerkhof van deAleknaviciute J.

(Co)promotor(s): Kushner SA, Tulen JHM, Kooiman CG.
PhD Thesis EUR, 15-03-2017.

Psychological and neuroendocrine determinants of stress regulation in women.







Kerkhof van deKerkhof van de NWA.

(Co)promotor(s): Verhoeven WMA, Hoogendijk WJG, Egger JIM.
PhD Thesis EUR, 08-02-2017.

BEYOND CLASSIFICATION. Clinical studies into psychosis spectrum disorders.








Dissertations 2016

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HosseiniHosseini BS.

(Co)promotor(s): Kushner SA.
PhD Thesis EUR, 30-11-2016.

Neuronal Adaptation during Amygdala-Dependent Learning and Memory.







BouwkampBouwkamp CG.

(Co)promotor(s): Kushner SA, Bonifati V.
PhD Thesis EUR, 05-10-2016.

The Genetics of Familial Psychiatric Disorders: Insights into Genes and Mechanisms.







BurgerhoutBurgerhout KM.

(Co)promotor(s): Kushner SA, Drexhage HA, Bergink V.
PhD Thesis EUR, 14-09-2016.

Postpartum Psychosis: Treatment, follow-up and immunological parameters.







JochemsJochems EC.

(Co)promotor(s): Mulder CL, Feltz-Cornelis van der CM.
PhD Thesis EUR, 28-06-2016.

Motivation for Psychiatric Treatment in Outpatients with Severe Mental Illness.







VisserVisser MM.

(Co)promotor(s): Ribbers GM, Busschbach JJ.
PhD Thesis EUR, 21-06-2016.

How to cope with stroke?
The effectiveness of Problem Solving Therapy.







GunlanharGünhanlar N.

(Co)promotor(s): Kushner SA, Vrij de FMS.
PhD Thesis EUR, 18-05-2016.

Using Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells to model the Pathophysiology of Schizophrenia.







HornHorn EK.

(Co)promotor(s): Busschbach JJ, Verheul R.
PhD Thesis EUR, 19-04-2016.

Long-term Costs and Effects of Psychotherapy in Personality Disorders.







ManenManen van JG.

(Co)promotor(s): Busschbach JJ, Verheul R.
PhD Thesis EUR, 26-01-2016.

Treatment Selection in Personality Disorders.







Dissertations 2015

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TimmermanTimmerman L.

(Co)promotor(s): Weimar B, Busschbach JJ.
PhD Thesis EUR, 02-12-2015.

Exploring the Mental Health of Living Kidney Donors.






PasmaPasma A.

(Co)promotor(s): Hazes JMW, Busschbach JJ.
PhD Thesis EUR, 25-11-2015.

Non-Adherence to Disease-Modifying Antirheumatic Drugs in Early Arthritis.







WijniaWijnia JW.

(Co)promotor(s): Mulder CL, Loonen AJM.
PhD Thesis EUR, 17-11-2015.

Early Detection of Mental and Motor Symptoms in the Wernicke-Korsakoff Syndrome.







VoermanVoerman JS.

(Co)promotor(s): Passchier J, Busschbach JJ, Klerk de C.
PhD Thesis EUR, 23-09-2015.

Psychosocial Assessment and Self-Management of Chronic Pain.







RuchlewskaRuchlewska-Winius JM.

(Co)promotor(s): Mulder CL, Gaag van der M, Kamperman AM.
PhD Thesis EUR, 11-06-2015.

The effects of Crisis Plans for Patients with Psychotic and Bipolar disorders.







van VugtVugt van MD.

(Co)promotor(s): Mulder CL, Delespaul PAEG, Kroon H.
PhD Thesis EUR, 13-05-2015.

Assertive Community Treatment in the Netherlands.







Dissertations 2014

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Dieleman S.Dieleman S.

(Co)promotor(s): Hengeveld MW, Röder CH, Veen van der FM.
PhD Thesis EUR, 10-12-2014.

Emotional Modulation of Cognition in Recent Onset Schizophrenia.







Quispel C.Quispel C.

(Co)promotor(s): Bonsel GJ, Hoogendijk WJG, Lambregtse-vandenBerg MP.
PhD Thesis EUR, 09-09-2014.

Psychopathology, Psychosocial Problems and Substance Use During Pregnancy.







Ismail S.Ismail S.

(Co)promotor(s): Busschbach JJ, Weimar W, Massey EK.
PhD Thesis EUR, 10-06-2014.

Home-based Education Increases Knowledge, Communication and Living Donor Kidney Transplantations.







StobbeStobbe J.

(Co)promotor(s): Mulder CL, Wierdsma AI.
PhD Thesis EUR, 27-05-2014.

Assertive Community Treatment for Elderly Patients with Severe Mental Illness.







Dissertations 2013

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HempelHempel IS.

(Co)promotor(s): Marle van HJC.
PhD Thesis EUR, 27-11-2013.

Sexualized Minds.







OffermanOfferman M.

(Co)promotor(s): Baatenburg de Jong R, Busschbach van JJ.
PhD Thesis EUR, 20-11-2013.

Towards a better care for head and neck cancer patients and their partners.







RoderRöder CH.

(Co)promotor(s): Hengeveld MW, Linden DEJ.
PhD Thesis EUR, 15-11-2013.

When Emotion Meets Cognition.






OsseOsse RJ.

(Co)promotor(s): Hoogendijk WJG, Hengeveld MW, Mast van der RC.
PhD Thesis EUR, 06-11-2013.

Delirium after Cardiac Surgery in older Patients.






IskandarsyahIskandarsyah A.

(Co)promotor(s): Klerk de C, Passchier J.
PhD Thesis EUR, 04-11-2013.

Determinanten van therapie-ontrouw bij Indonesische vrouwen met borstkanker.







HekHek K.

(Co)promotor(s): Mulder CL, Tiemeier H.
PhD Thesis EUR, 24-04-2013.

Anxiety disorders and depression in older adults.






RaafRaaf de PJ.

(Co)promotor(s): Rijt van der CCD, Klerk de C.
PhD Thesis EUR, 10-04-2013.

Cancer-Related Fatigue: a multidimensional approach.







ZonneveldZonneveld LNL.

(Co)promotor(s): Busschbach van JJ.
PhD Thesis EUR, 27-02-2013.

Unexplained Physical Symptoms: patients′ quality of life improved by cognitive-behavioral group treatment tailored to their perspective.







WingbermuhleWingbermühle PAM.

(Co)promotor(s): Egger JIM, Kessels RPC, Verhoeven WMA.
PhD Thesis EUR, 14-02-2013.

Cognition and emotion in adults with Noonan syndrome.
A neuropsychological perspective.







KortrijkKortrijk HE.

(Co)promotor(s): Mulder CL, Wiersma D.
PhD Thesis EUR, 17-01-2013.

Use of Routine Outcome Monitoring data for evaluating Assertive Community Treatment.






Dissertations 2012

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WolfWolf van der MJF.

(Co)promotor(s): Marle van HJC, Mevis PAM, Bleichrodt FW, Doelder de H, Raes BCM.
PhD Thesis EUR, 15-05-2012.

TBS veroordeeld tot vooroordeel.






GeorgievaGeorgieva I.

(Co)promotor(s): Mulder CL, Hengeveld MW, Marle van HJC, Loonen AJM.
PhD Thesis EUR, 14-06-2012.

Coercive interventions during inpatient psychiatric care. Patient′s preference, prevention and effects.







Bergink V.

(Co)promotor(s): Kushner SA, Drexhage HA.
PhD Thesis EUR, 31-10-2012.

First-onset Postpartum Psychosis.






Schneider M.

(Co)promotor(s): Verhoeven WMA, Tulen JHM.
PhD Thesis EUR, 29-11-2012.

Disentangling Brain Networks in Adult ADHD: Studies with fMRI and TMS.






Dongen S.

(Co)promotor(s): Marle van HJC, Buck NML.
PhD Thesis EUR, 04-12-2012.

Pathways to violence in schizophrenia.





Dissertations 2011

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MiesMies G.

(Co) promoter(s): Hengeveld MW, Molen MW van der, Veen FM van der.
PhD Thesis EUR, 06-12-2011.

Performance monitoring in depression.





Dissertations 2010

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PalermoPalermo GB.

(Co)promotor(s): Marle van HJC.
PhD Thesis EUR, 21-04-2010.

Severe Personality-Disordered Defendants and the Insanity Plea in the United States.






Beveren vanBeveren NJM.

(Co)promotor(s): Hengeveld MW, Fekkes D, Haan de L.
PhD Thesis EUR, 18-05-2010.

Neurotrophic factors in the peripheral blood of male schizophrenia patients.






MulderMulder EA.

(Co)promotor(s): Marle van HJC, Brand EFJM, Bullens RAR.
PhD Thesis EUR, 19-05-2010.

Unraveling serious juvenile delinquency - Risk and needs assessment by classification into subgroups.






StaringStaring ABP.

(Co)promotor(s): Mulder CL, Gaag van der M.
PhD Thesis EUR, 08-09-2010.

Adherence to Treatment in Patients with Psychosis.





Dissertations 2009

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LinkaLinka T.

(Co) promoter(s): Verhoeven WMA, Tulen JHM.
PhD Thesis EUR, 01-10-2009.

Stimulus Intensity Dependent ERP Components in the Pharmacotherapy of Major Depressive Disorder.





Dissertations 2008

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VanheusdenVanheusden K.

(Co) promoter(s): Mulder CL, Verhulst F, Mackenbach J.
PhD Thesis EUR, 30-01-2008.

Mental health problems and barriers to service use in Dutch Young Adults.





HempelHempel RJ.

(Co) promoter(s): Hengeveld MW, Tulen JHM.
PhD Thesis EUR, 19-06-2008.

Affect Regulation in Schizophrenia.





NimwegenNimwegen L van.

(Co)promoter(s):Linszen D, Hengeveld MW.
PhD Thesis AMC, 15-10-2008.

Well-being and co-morbidity in recent onset schizophrenia.





WierdsmaWierdsma AI.

(Co)promoter(s): Mulder CL, Hengeveld MW.
PhD Thesis EUR, 16-10-2008.

Follow-up after Involuntary Admission: Who Cares?





GoethalsGoethals K.

(Co) promoter(s): Marle HJC van, Buitelaar JK.
PhD Thesis RU, 24-10-2008.

Diagnostic comorbidity and circumstantial risks in psychotic offenders: an exploratory study.





Dissertations 2007

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HoekstraHoekstra R.

(Co)promoter(s): Verhoeven WMA, Fekkes D, Tuinier S.
PhD Thesis EUR, 19-09-2007.

Pterins and affective disorders.





KallenKallen VL.

(Co)promoter(s): Verhulst FC, Treffers PDA, Tulen JHM.
PhD thesis EUR, 31-10-2007.

Attentional bias and physiological stress sensitivity in children and adolescents with an anxiety disorder.





Dissertations 2006

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BanninkBannink M.

(Co)promotor(s): Hengeveld MW, Stoter G.
PhD thesis EUR, 08-02-2006.

Psychiatric Side Effects of Treatment with Interferon-alpha in Oncology Patients.





van GoolGool A van.

(Co)promotor(s): Hengeveld MW, Stoter G.
PhD thesis EUR, 08-02-2006.

Psychiatric Side Effects of Treatment with Interferon-alpha in Oncology Patients.





van den BergBerg MP van den.

(Co)promotor(s): Verhulst FC, Hengeveld MW.
PhD thesis EUR, 24-05-2006.

Parental Psychopathology and the Early Developing Child: The Generation R Study.





EversEvers EAT.

(Co)promotor(s): Jolles J, Veen FM van der.
PhD thesis Maastricht, 28-09-2006.

Serotonin and cognitive flexibility. Neuroimaging studies into the effect of acute tryptophan depletion in healthy volunteers.





KnijffKnijff EM.

(Co)promotor(s): Drexhage HA, Hengeveld MW.
PhD thesis EUR, 25-10-2006.

Bipolar Disorder; not only in the Brain. Immunological Aspects.





Dissertations 2004

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CavelaarsCavelaars MC.

(Co)promoter(s): van Bemmel JH, van den Meiracker AH, Tulen JHM.
PhD Thesis EUR, 26-05-2004.

Ambulatory blood pressure monitorin. Effects of physical activity.





Birkenhager en BroekBirkenhager TK.

(Co)promoter(s): Hengeveld MW, Moleman P, Bruijn JA.
PhD thesis EUR, 16-6-2004.

Treatment of depressed inpatients. Efficacy and tolerability of a four-step treatment algorithm.





Birkenhager en BroekVan den Broek WW.

(Co)promoter(s): Hengeveld MW, Moleman P, Bruijn JA.
PhD thesis EUR, 16-6-2004.

Treatment of depressed inpatients. Efficacy and tolerability of a four-step treatment algorithm.





HeijdenVan der Heijden F.

(Co)promoter(s): Verhoeven WMA, Kahn RS.
PhD Thesis EUR, 21-09-2004.

Atypicality. Clinical studies concerning atypical psychoses.





Dissertations 2003

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StronksStronks DL.

(Co)promotor(s): Passchier J, Hengeveld MW, Tulen JHM.
PhD thesis EUR, 12-11-2003.

Stress and daily functioning in migraine.





Dissertations 2002

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VolkersVolkers AC.

(Co)promotor(s): Verhoeven WMA, Passchier J, Tulen JHM.
PhD thesis EUR, 22-05-2002.

24 Hour motor activity and autonomic cardiac functioning in major depressive disorder.





SteenisVan Steenis HG.

(Co)promotor(s): Bom N, Hengeveld MW, Wesseling KH, Tulen JHM.
PhD thesis EUR, 30-10-2002.

On time-frequency analysis of heart rate variability.





SteyaertSteyaert JGPLE.

(Co)promotor(s): Fryns JP, Geraedts JPM, Verhoeven WMA.
PhD thesis UM, 21-11-2002.

The behavioral phenotype in two dynamic mutation disorders: fragile x-syndrome and myotonic dystrophy.