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Group Jan van Busschbach

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The section Medical Psychology and Psychotherapy (MPP) investigates cost effective ways to improve the emotional and behavioral response to disease and treatment. Examples are:

- Treatments influencing coping capacities of chronic patients, to improve quality of life;

- Improved quality of life outcome questionnaires, notably the EQ-5D;

- Improving the communications between kidney patients and their family, in order to increase the possibility of living donation;

- Improving medication compliance and healthy life styles.

Group Jan van Busschbach The section does not depend on a specific somatic disease area. Currently, the section does research in psychological aspects of kidney failure and transplantation, pain, diabetics, infertility, psoriasis, cataract, personality disorder and juvenile behavioral problems.

By improving emotional and behavioral response to disease and treatment, the section MPP contributes to an improved quality of life and treatment compliance. Quality of life and treatment compliance are both key variables in modern medicine, which depends more and more on patient satisfaction and patient behavior.

The section is developing a new research line into effective ways to educate professional communication skills of medical students.

Research group Jan van Busschbach

Faculty Post-docs PhD Students Staff
Prof. dr. J. J. v. Busschbach Dr. S.Y. Ismail* Drs. K.A.C. Berk* H. Gerritse - Kattouw
Dr. A. Beerthuizen   Drs. F.D. Purba M.O. Gesser
Dr. R. Erdman   Drs. H. van Eeren  
Dr. J. Hunfeld   Drs. E.S. van Eijk  
Dr. C. de Klerk   Drs. E.K. Horn  
Dr. A. van ’t Spijker   Drs. A. Iskandarsyah*  
Dr. R. Timman   Drs. L.G. Jiskoot*  
    Drs. A.M.C.M.J.G. Lange  
    Drs. E.M.P. Laurenssen*  
    Drs. A. Pasma*  
    Drs. M.S. Staphorst  
    Drs. A. Stolk*  
    Drs. L. Timmermans*  
    Drs. M. Visser*  
    Drs. M.S. Visser  
    Drs. J.S. Voerman  
    * In cooperation with other departments.  

Due to the recent developments and until further notice, the Wetenschapslunch Psychiatry meetings are cancelled from next week onwards.

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