Curriculum Vitae
Andre Wierdsma

André I. Wierdsma, PhD

Assistant Professor

ESPRi - Department of Psychiatry
Erasmus MC: University Medical Center Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Biographical sketch
Andreas (André) Wierdsma received his MSc degree in Sociology from the University of Leiden in 1984. As research fellow, specialized in methods and techniques of social research, he studied civil religion in the Netherlands, public health developments, use of psychiatric services, and involuntary admissions to psychiatric hospitals. Since 1988 he has been involved in the development and data management of the Psychiatric Case Register Rotterdam – South West Holland that incorporates all contacts with mental healthcare of all patients within the region.
In 2008, he finished his PhD thesis on the quality of mental healthcare follow-up after compulsory admission. Currently he is assistant professor of social psychiatry at the department of psychiatry and affiliated with ESPRi (Epidemiological & Social Psychiatric Research institute), which is a collaboration of Erasmus MC, the Municipal Health Service Rotterdam-Rijnmond, and all psychiatric services in the South West Region.

Research interests
Research projects undertaken by Dr. Wierdsma are within the field of mental health services research. These projects focus on differences between groups or geographical areas in the use of psychiatric services, with emphasis on longitudinal studies of patterns of care and more specifically the psychiatric history before and follow-up after compulsory admission. Based on data from the case register, and in cooperation with other case registers in the Netherlands, public mental healthcare interventions are evaluated. In addition, advice and support on statistical issues and problems relating to service use indicators as outcome measure is offered for other projects within the department and ESPRi-collaboration.

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'Coping with Trauma Exposure at Work in Clinical and Forensic Psychiatry: The CRITIC Study.'

Wetenschapslunch Psychiatry meeting by Zoom on Monday September 21th at 12 h

Presenter: Tony Bloemendaal (ESPRi)

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