Astrid KampermanAstrid M. Kamperman, PhD


Department of Psychiatry
Erasmus MC: University Medical Center Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Biographical sketch


Astrid Kamperman received her MSc degree in Psychology from the Utrecht University in 1997, after which she started to work at HealthNet TPO, a NGO that works on the structural rehabilitation of health care systems in fragile states (areas disrupted by war and disasters). She studied the prevalence of psychiatric disorders in the Amsterdam immigrant population. Her research activities cumulated in a PhD thesis on explanations for ethnic differences in mental health of Turkish, Moroccan and Surinamese immigrants in the Netherlands (2005). Subsequently, she worked as a researcher for the Academic Medical Center (AMC) and Mikado. Since 2008, she has been working for Mental Health Research Center O3 unit of the department of Psychiatry of the Erasmus Medical Center in Rotterdam.

Research interests


The research of Dr Kamperman focuses on ethnic differences in mental health and health service consumption. In addition, she is responsible for a nation-wide survey on victimization among patients suffering from severe mental illness.



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