Sohal IsmailSohal Y. Ismail, MSc

Phd Student & Neuropsychologist

Section Medical Psychology & Psychotherapy
Department of Psychiatry
Erasmus MC: University Medical Center Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Biographical sketch


In 2003 I graduated from Leiden University as a Neuropsychologist. Since 2010 I am working for the department of Medical Psychology and Psychotherapy as a junior researcher and Phd student. In 2010 I also started a Master of Science in Epidemiology. In 2012 I have also finished several courses in: International Good Clinical Practice, Family Communication about Organ Donation and Transplantation and Multisystemic Therapy.

Research interests


My research interests are mainly focused on intervention strategies to improve decision-making processes for end-stage renal disease patients regarding their possible treatment options. Currently I am implementing a home-based intervention to 1) improve decision-making for patients and their loved ones and 2) to reduce inequality in the numbers living donor kidney transplantations between European and non-European patients.

Educational interests
Transplantation, Neuropsychology, Biostatistics, Epidemiology and Communication skills for medical students and physicians.



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