Lothar HoogdalemLothar E. van Hoogdalem, MSc

Department of Psychiatry
Erasmus MC: University Medical Center Rotterdam, The Netherlands  


Biographical sketch


Lothar received his MSc degree in Neuropsychology at Utrecht University in September 2016. He performed his master thesis at the department Experimental Psychology at Utrecht University and was focused on multisensory recalibration after unilateral hearing loss. During his master programme he did a clinical internship at the department Psychiatry at the Erasmus MC under supervision of dr. J.J. Gutteling. Currently, Lothar is supporting dr. S.Y. Ismail at the department of Medical Psychology and Psychotherapy on a recently started project entitled: "A longitudinal qualitative study of patients′ decision-making, experiences and preferences regarding Pixantrone treatment in aggressive B cell non Hodgkin lymphoma".

Research interests