Curriculum Vitae
Janneke Gilden

Janneke Gilden, MD

Phd student

Department of Psychiatry
Erasmus MC: University Medical Center Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Biographical sketch
Janneke Gilden received her Medical Degree (Cum Laude) at the Erasmus University of Rotterdam in 2014. During her study she worked as a student tutor and research assistant at the Department of Psychiatry of Erasmus MC/Bavo Europoort to study the cost-effectiveness of Treatment Adherence Therapy. Since July 2014 she works as a researcher for the Erasmus Medical Center Rotterdam. In June 2016 she started her PhD research within the Onderzoeksprogramma Postpartum Psychiatrie Erasmus MC Rotterdam (OPPER) under supervision of dr. Veerle Bergink. This study is a multicenter trial and focusses on the prevention, treatment and neurobiology of postpartum mood disorders.

Research interests
Janneke Gildens has a special interest in the neurobiology of postpartum mood disorders. To identify the underlying neural mechanisms of postpartum mood disorders, she will use longitudinal neuroimaging.

OPPER studie
Ons onderzoek richt zich op vrouwen met een postpartum psychose of een postpartum depressie, die beiden na de bevalling ontstaan. Wij hopen met dit onderzoek meer te weten komen over het ontstaan en het beloop van deze psychiatrische ziektes.

Als u meer informatie wilt over het onderzoek of mee wilt doen als gezonde controle, neemt u dan gerust contact op met:

Janneke Gilden, arts-onderzoeker psychiatrie Erasmus MC │ │ 010-7032349

Nicola Westerbeek, onderzoeksverpleegkundige Erasmus MC │ │ 010-7034947

Meer informatie over de OPPER studie (PDF-document)

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'Coping with Trauma Exposure at Work in Clinical and Forensic Psychiatry: The CRITIC Study.'

Wetenschapslunch Psychiatry meeting by Zoom on Monday September 21th at 12 h

Presenter: Tony Bloemendaal (ESPRi)

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