Curriculum Vitae
Walter van den Broek

Walter W. van den Broek, MD, PhD


Department of Psychiatry
Erasmus MC: University Medical Center Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Biographical sketch
Walter van den Broek received his medical degree from the University of Leiden (1985), trained as psychiatrist in the Erasmus MC in Rotterdam, and did a PhD degree in psychiatry at Erasmus University Medical School in 2004. Since 1992 he is working as a psychiatrist and researcher as well as a teacher at the department of Psychiatry of the Erasmus MC. He is medical head of the Depression unit of the department of Psychiatry of the Erasmus MC.

Psychiatric administration
Since 1995 he has been a member of professional committees of the Netherlands Psychiatric Association including the Section Consultation- and Liaison Psychiatry and the Scientific Committee. He is founder and secretary of the Dutch Workgroup for Electroconvulsive therapy. Under auspices of the Netherlands Psychiatric Association, in 2000 and 2010 the Practice guideline Electroconvulsive therapy were published, of which steering groups he was the chairman.

He also writes a blog: (Dr Shock MD PhD) and he has a wiki with an e-portfolio, it's a 'living document', a kind of curriculum vitae getting updated when necessary.

Medical and Psychiatric education and research
Since 1988 he taught nurses, medical students and residents, and he has an extensive experience in medical and psychiatric education, training and supervision. He is a member of many educational committees and participated in the development of different educational programs for medical students and psychiatric residents. He supervised many medical students doing their medical traineeships. He also trained many residents and psychiatrists in the theoretical and practical aspects of Electroconvulsive therapy. Furthermore he was a member of different review dissertation committees and acted as opponent.

Research interests
Dr. van den Broek has a special interest in clinical research, his main topics until now were the treatment of depressed patients and electroconvulsive therapy. He is in charge of several clinical trials with depressed patients and with electroconvulsive therapy. The research is in collaboration with different departments of the Erasmus MC and other Dutch universities.


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'Coping with Trauma Exposure at Work in Clinical and Forensic Psychiatry: The CRITIC Study.'

Wetenschapslunch Psychiatry meeting by Zoom on Monday September 21th at 12 h

Presenter: Tony Bloemendaal (ESPRi)

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