Frank van den BoogertFrank J.K. van den Boogert

PhD student

Department of Psychiatry
Erasmus MC, University Medical Center Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Biographical sketch


Frank van den Boogert studied Clinical Psychology at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam and graduated cum laude in 2017. His Master′s thesis ′Harsh parenting, risky decision-making and the initiation of substance use in early adolescence′ was completed within the Erasmus MC′s The iBerry Study under the supervision of dr. Sabine Roza. After graduation, Frank started working as a PhD student at the Psychiatry department. In addition to his job as a PhD student, Frank also works as a consultant at the Erasmus MC.

Research interests


Frank′s research interests are in the field of forensic psychiatry. His PhD-project will focus on the neurobioloigcal development of aggressive and rule-breaking behavior in a high-risk adolescent and an adult forensic psychiatric population. Important subtopics are neurodevelopmental disorders, sensory integration, motor symptomatology, cortisol, genetic predisposition, and reactive aggression.