Curriculum Vitae
Veerle Bergink

Veerle Bergink, MD, PhD


Department of Psychiatry
Erasmus MC: University Medical Center Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Biographical sketch
Veerle Bergink graduated summa cum laude from Groningen University (1999). She was trained as psychiatrist at the UMC Utrecht (2004). Since 2005 she is working as psychiatrist, researcher and teacher at the Erasmus MC Rotterdam. In 2012 she finished her thesis on first-onset postpartum psychosis summa cum laude. Since 2014 she is senior researcher at the University of Aarhus and since 2016 Associate Professor at the Erasmus MC, Rotterdam.

More information about the OPPER studie. (This website)

Research interests
Veerle Bergink has a special interest in the prevention, treatment and neurobiology of postpartum mood disorders. She established a prospective postpartum psychosis study, currently the largest first-onset postpartum psychosis cohort in the world. Her research has provided substantial evidence supporting the hypothesis that postpartum psychosis is a disorder of immune dysregulation. Moreover, her clinical work was named in 2012 and 2015 by the publishing group of the NEJM as one of the 10 most important clinical studies in the entire field of Psychiatry.

Ons onderzoek richt zich op vrouwen met een postpartum psychose of een postpartum depressie, beiden zijn na de bevalling ontstaan.

Als u meer informatie wilt over het onderzoek of mee wilt doen als gezonde controle (in de buurt van Rotterdam wonende). Neemt u dan gerust contact op met:

Karin Burgerhout, arts-onderzoeker immunologie en psychiatrie Erasmus MC, 010-7035978

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