Curriculum Vitae
Annemerle Beerthuizen

Annemerle Beerthuizen, PhD

Lecturer & Researcher

Section Medical Psychology & Psychotherapy - Department of Psychiatry
Erasmus MC: University Medical Center Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Biographical sketch
In 2002 I graduated from Maastricht University as a Health Scientist with a major in Movement Sciences. I defended my thesis on psychological factors and the Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) in 2008 at the Pain Knowledge Center of the Erasmus MC. Since 2007 I am working as a senior researcher and lecturer in communication skills at the Department of Medical Psychology and Psychotherapy of the Erasmus MC.

Research interests
Topics of my research are interventions on psychological aspects of pain, education and quality of life.

Educational interests

I am a lecturer at the Faculty of Medicine (from the first year until clerkship). Topics of teaching are communication skills, reflection and professional behavior. I am teaching at the faculty of medicine.

  • Beerthuizen A, Timman R, Huygen F, Van ‘t Spijker A. Psychological factors are associated with the maintenance of CRPS1 symptoms: a prospective study. In press.

  • Beerthuizen A, Eeren H, Busschbach J, Darlington A, de Man R, Van ’t Spijker A. Problems implementing a potential cost-effective behavioural intervention in patients with hepatitis C in the Netherlands. Submitted.

  • Beerthuizen A, Leijten FRM, Luime JL, Van ‘t Spijker A, Hazes JMW, Burdorf A. Smart@work: A self-management program to empower workers with rheumatic arthritis in social and work participation: development of the intervention and protocol of a randomized controlled trial. Manuscript in preparation.

  • Beerthuizen A, Van ‘t Spijker A, Lenssinck MB, Burdorf A, Hazes JMW, Luime JL. Which Strategies adopt Patients with Early Inflammatory Arthritis to address their Problems with Work Performance? In press.

  • Beerthuizen A, Stronks DL, Van ’t Spijker A, Yaksh A, Hanraets BM, Klein J, Huygen FJPM. Demographic and medical parameters in the development of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome type 1 (CRPS1): prospective study on 596 patients with a fracture. Pain 2012;153(6):1187-92. (IP: 5.355 rank 2/26).

  • Beerthuizen A, Stronks DL, Huygen FJ, Passchier J, Klein J, Spijker AV. The association between psychological factors and the development of complex regional pain syndrome type 1 (CRPS1) – a prospective multicenter study. Eur J Pain 2011 Oct; 15(9):971-5. (IP: 3.819, rank 4/26).

  • Beerthuizen A, van ′t Spijker A, Huygen FJ, Klein J, de Wit R. Is there an association between psychological factors and the Complex Regional Pain Syndrome type 1 (CRPS1) in adults? A systematic review. Pain 2009;145(1-2):52-9 (IP: 5.355, rank 2/26).

  • Niehof SP, Beerthuizen A, Huygen FJPM, Zijlstra FJ. Using Skin Surface Temperature to Differentiate Between Complex Regional Pain Syndrome Type 1 Patients After a Fracture and Control Patients with Various Complaints After a Fracture. Anesthesia & Analgesia 2008;106:270-277 (IP: 3.274, rank 5/26).

Publicaties in Nederlandse tijdschriften

  • Beerthuizen A, Spijker van ’t A, Huygen FJPM, Klein J, Wit de R. Het stigma doorbroken: de associatie tussen psychologische factoren en het Complex Regionaal Pijn Syndroom. Nederlands Tijdschrift voor Pijn en Pijnbestrijding 2009;28(37):5-8.

  • Berg van den ME, Bouma ME, Beerthuizen, A, Verkerk K, Spijker van ′t A. Kinesiofobie en het ontstaan van complex regionaal pijnsyndroom type 1, Fysiopraxis 2008;juni:p. 26-31.

  • Beerthuizen A, de Wit R. A CRPS Triptych: Studies on diagnosis, pathogenesis and treatment of the Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. Nederlands Tijdschrift voor Pijn en Pijnbestrijding 2005;24(22):25.

  • Beerthuizen A, Huygen FJPM, de Wit R. Invloed van psychologische en psychiatrische factoren op ontstaan en beloop van CRPS type I - een systematisch literatuuronderzoek; Pijn Info 2004, p. 15-28.

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