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Our mission is to innovate and optimise the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of severe mental health disorders in a medical context. The research conducted herein comprises applied, clinical and translational studies.



Connect2Grow projectteam

Posted by Admin on April 2021

Lege broekzakken

Mijke Lambregtse-van den Berg, Hilmar Bijma en het Connect2Grow projectteam hebben een subsidie van 50.000 euro ontvangen binnen het SET COVID-19 2.0 programma van de overheid.

Connect2Grow is een leer- en verbeterproject waarbij zorgverleners samenwerken met ouders in de gemeente Rotterdam. Zij brengen samen in kaart wat nodig is, bij gezinnen in complexe kwetsbare omstandigheden, om een gezonde relatie met hun (ongeboren) baby op te bouwen. Het is een gezamenlijk project van het Erasmus MC Rotterdam (afdelingen Verloskunde, Psychiatrie en Kinder- en Jeugdpsychiatrie) en de gemeente Rotterdam, waarbij nauw wordt samengewerkt met andere instanties en zorgverleners in Rotterdam.

Met de komst van Covid-19 is er een grote urgentie om deze zorg ook meer digitaal te ondersteunen. Hiervoor heeft het Connect2Grow team in samenwerking met MijnKindOnline een zorgnetwerkmodule ontwikkeld om deze zorg digitaal te kunnen ondersteunen. Middels deze subsidie zal deze module ook in andere regio’s rond Rotterdam worden aangeboden, met als doel om dit uiteindelijk ook landelijk te kunnen gaan implementeren.

Zie voor meer informatie over het Connect2Grow project: www.connect2grow.info

The iBerry Study receives grant Stichting tot Steun VCVGZ

Posted by Admin on February 2021

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We are pleased to inform you that dr. Nina Grootendorst received a grant from Stichting tot Steun VCVGZ for the study 'In the red – the relationship between debts and mental health among youth'. The project will be embedded in the iBerry Study and Susan Ravensbergen is appointed as a PhD student on this project.

Logo iBerry Study Susan Ravensbergen - iBerry Study

Recent numbers show that one out of twelve Dutch households has registered, problematic debts. More specifically, during the past five years the number of young adults with debts has rapidly increased. Previous studies show a positive relationship between financial problems and mental health, suggesting a vicious circle that even seems to be passed on from one generation to the next. The exact relationship between debts and psychiatric symptoms still remains unclear. The transition into adulthood seems to be a crucial phase. During this period adolescents become legally responsible for their own financial matters and psychiatric problems often emerge at this age as well.

Due to the longitudinal nature of the iBerry Study, the researchers will be able to assess the mutual effects between debts and various forms of psychopathology and the development of both over time. Furthermore, they will explore how debts arise and which factors predict financial problems in youth. In this way they expect to find starting points to develop targeted policy and suitable care for adolescents who either develop psychiatric disorders, financial debts, or both.

Joint appointment of Prof. dr. Steven Kushner at the Columbia University Department of Psychiatry in New York

Posted by Admin on January 2020
Prof. dr. Steven Kushner Columbia University Department of Psychiatry in New York
We are pleased to announce the joint appointment of Prof. dr. Steven Kushner at the Columbia University Department of Psychiatry in New York beginning March 1st, as an extension of his continued appointment at the department of Psychiatry at Erasmus MC.

This collaboration marks a further expansion of the GEZIN study bringing together psychiatric genetics, stem cell modeling and translational neurobiology, and offers unique opportunities for knowledge exchange and visits between faculty, staff and students of the department of Psychiatry of Erasmus MC and Columbia University.


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SeminarsQuote Supplier-induced demand in kidney replacement therapy program: A problem of capacity and financial (dis)incentives.

Presenter: Steef Redeker (MPP)


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