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Dissertations 2017


BerkBerk KAC.

(Co)promotor(s): Sijbrands EJG, Busschbach van JJ, Mulder MT, Verhoeven AJM.
PhD Thesis EUR, 29-11-2017.

Weight Loss and Weight Loss Maintenance in Type 2 Diabetes







KantersEeren van H.

(Co)promotor(s): Busschbach van JJ, Scholte RHJ, Rijken van der REA.
PhD Thesis EUR, 15-11-2017.

Evaluating the Effectiveness and Cost-Effectiveness of Youth Care using Routinely Collected Clinical Practice Data.







RavesteynRavesteyn van LM.

(Co)promotor(s): Hoogendijk WJG, Tiemeier H, Steegers EAP, Lambregtse – Berg van den MP.
PhD Thesis EUR, 18-10-2017.

Treatment and impact of mental disorders during pregnancy.







KantersKanters T.

(Co)promotor(s): Marle van HJC, Muris PEHM, Hornsveld RHJ.
PhD Thesis EUR, 06-10-2017.

Assessment and Treadment of Sexual Offenders Detained by TBS-Hospital Order.







StaphorstStaphorst MS.

(Co)promotor(s): Busschbach van JJ, Goudoever van JB, Passchier J.
PhD Thesis EUR, 21-06-2017.

Hearing the voices of the children: the views of children participating in clinical research.







Eijk van E.

(Co)promotor(s): Busschbach van JJ, Timman R.
PhD Thesis EUR, 07-06-2017.

Computer-assisted Self-triage for the Ophthalmic Emergency Department.







Kerkhof van deAleknaviciute J.

(Co)promotor(s): Kushner SA, Tulen JHM, Kooiman CG.
PhD Thesis EUR, 15-03-2017.

Psychological and neuroendocrine determinants of stress regulation in women.







Kerkhof van deKerkhof van de NWA.

(Co)promotor(s): Verhoeven WMA, Hoogendijk WJG, Egger JIM.
PhD Thesis EUR, 08-02-2017.

BEYOND CLASSIFICATION. Clinical studies into psychosis spectrum disorders.