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The Department of Psychiatry of the Erasmus MC is dedicated to excellence in clinical care, research and education.

Schedule Wetenschapslunch 2018



01-01-2018 No meeting  
08-01-2018 Bernice van Aken (ESPRi) ‘UP’S Determinants of Personal recovery in psychotic disorders; a cohort study.'
15-01-2018 Raluca Mihaescu (OPPER) 'GWAS of postpartum psychiatric episodes.'
22-01-2018 Rianne Zaal (Klinisch Geneesmiddel Onderzoek) 'Clinical pharmacist in psychiatry: better together.'
29-01-2018 No meeting  
05-02-2018 Myrthe Ottenhoff (ENCORE) 'The variability of cognitive features in Neurofibromatosis type 1.'
12-02-2018 Bas Lendemeijer (GEZIN) 'Candidate CSPG4 mutations and induced pluripotent stem cell modeling implicate oligodendrocyte progenitor cell dysfunction in familial schizophrenia.'
19-02-2018 No meeting  
26-02-2018 No meeting  
05-03-2018 Yvonne de Jong (ESPRi) 'Screening for psychosis, the first step.'
12-03-2018 No meeting  
19-03-2018 Sohal Ismail/Steef Redeker (MPP) 'Cost-effectiveness of Educational Interventions Targeting Living Kidney Donation: Kidney Team at Home study.'
26-03-2018 No meeting  
02-04-2018 No meeting  
09-04-2018 Guy Shpak (GEZIN) 'Using human iPSC-derived neurons for physiological investigation in psychiatric research: challenges and solutions.'
16-04-2018 Pomme Rigter ‘In vivo evaluation of an mGluR2 mutation in Bipolar I Disorder.'
23-04-2018 No meeting  
30-04-2018 No meeting  
07-05-2018 No meeting
14-05-2018 Elize Koopman - Verhoeff (GenR) 'Sleep in Development: The Generation R Study.'
21-05-2018 No meeting
28-05-2018 Chedwa Pinto (MPP) 'The Medical Psychiatric Unit (MPU) of Erasmus MC: a randomized study into effectiveness and costs.'
04-06-2018 Ibrahim Onsesveren 'Implications of Penfluridol (oral long acting antipsychotic drug) for treatment adherence in patients with a psychotic disorder.'
11-06-2018 No meeting
18-06-2018 Simon Lambrichts (OPPER) 'Peripartum episodes in bipolar I disorder and efficacy of lithium prophylaxis.'
25-06-2018 No meeting
July and August No meetings
03-09-2018 Mark de Jong (ESPRi) 'Dwangopnames bij EPA: preventie, kwalitatieve gegevens en beloop van gevaar.'
10-09-2018 Jan van Busschbach (MPP) 'Mentalization-Based Treatment compared to Specialist Treatment as Usual for Borderline Personality Disorder: an Economic Evaluation alongside a Randomised Controlled Trial with 36 Months Follow-Up.'
17-09-2018 Mark van der Kroeg (GEZIN) 'Using Induced Pluripotent Stem cell derived neural cultures to uncover cellular phenotypes of neurological/psychiatric disorders'.
24-09-2018 Fadilah Serdarevic (GenR) 'Infant Neuromotor Development and Neuropsychiatric Problems.'
01-10-2018 Jesminne Castricum (ENCORE) 'Cortical plasticity induced by intermittent Theta Burst Stimulation in NF1 patients and unaffected controls.'
08-10-2018 Jurate Aleknaviciute (GEZIN) 'GEZIN-study: Genetic approaches to understanding psychiatric disorders.'
15-10-2018 Bert-Jan Roosenschoon (ESPRi) 'Effects of an RCT on Illness Management and Recovery, a psychosocial intervention for people with serious and persistent mental illness.'
22-10-2018 No meeting
29-10-2018 Reinier Timman/Joke Tulen (WI) 'The OQ-45 clinic - an attempt to violate scientific integrity.'
05-11-2018 No meeting
12-11-2018 Geranne Jiskoot (MPP) 'Effects on body weight during a 1-year three component lifestyle RCT in women with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS).'
19-11-2018 Babette Bais (Stop or Go study) 'Proceedings of the Bright Up Study: light therapy for depression during pregnancy.'
26-11-2018 No meeting
03-12-2018 Pety So (ESPRi) 'Children and Adolescents in Emergency Psychiatry.'
10-12-2018 Frank van den Boogert & Pascalle Spaan (iBerry) 'The Neurobiological Development of Aggressive Behavior – Hormones & Sensory Processing.'
17-12-2018 Pauline Jansen (GenR) 'Problematic eating behavior across childhood: results from the population-based Generation R Study.'
24-12-2018 No meeting
31-12-2018 No meeting