Joke HunfeldJoke A.M. Hunfeld, PhD

Senior Researcher

Section Medical Psychology & Psychotherapy
Department of Psychiatry
Erasmus MC: University Medical Center Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Biographical sketch


I graduated from the Faculty of Psychological and Pedagogical Sciences, VU University Amsterdam in 1987 and I received a PhD in 1995 from Erasmus University Rotterdam for my thesis on The grief of late pregnancy loss. A four year follow-up. I have held a permanent position (0.5 FTE) at the Department of Medical Psychology & Psychotherapy at Erasmus MC since 2000.

Research interests


I am interested in cutting edge interdisciplinary research at the intersection of medicine and psychology. I have conducted and supervised several research projects in this field, financed, among other, by NWO/ZonMw (The Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research/The Netherlands Organisation for Health Research and Development). This included research on ‘The prevalence of chronic pain in children and adolescents and their quality of life’, and ‘Determinants of chronic pain in adolescents and the effect of cognitive behavioral therapy’, carried out together with the department of General Practice at Erasmus MC. In cooperation with the departments of Reproductive Medicine, and Medical Ethics and Law, I conducted research on ‘moral contraindications for special parenthood’. I have been the project leader of the thesis research project: ‘Hearing the voices of children (6-18 years); evidence-based information on burden and long-term emotional sequelae of medical research procedures in children’ since March 2012. This is a multidisciplinary project of the ZonMw program ‘Priority Medicines for Children, ethical and legal issues of research on medicines for children and the elderly’.

Educational interests
I lecture on communication and attitude, in particular on the doctor-patient relationship and I coordinate the Pijnweek (Pain week) that is organized as part of the minor Medical Psychology. In addition, I coordinate requests for research internships within my department.



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