Aurelie van HeldenAurelie M.C.M.J.G. Helden van - Lange, MSc

PhD student

Department of Psychiatry
Erasmus MC: University Medical Center Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Biographical sketch


In 2010 I obtained my Master’s degree in Psychological Research Methods at Nottingham University (UK). Since 2011 I work as a junior researcher at the Viersprong Institute for Studies on Personality Disorders (VISPD), where I have been working on several practice-based research projects regarding the implementation and effectiveness of Multi Systemic Therapy (MST), a system-based treatment for youth with serious anti-social behaviour. Since 2013 I started as a PhD student at the ErasmusMC. The aim of my PhD is to develop a reliable and valid questionnaire to measure therapist treatment adherence in an internationally equivalent way. Therapist adherence (whether the therapist is correctly applying all treatment protocols) is an important aspect of evidence-based treatments that helps to guarantee the quality of the delivered intervention

Research interests


My research interests lies in understanding the factors influencing therapist adherence scores. This encompasses issues surrounding treatment implementation, cross-cultural differences in treatment delivery as well as questionnaire response tendencies, and translation effects.